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Vintage 1930s Silk Bra and Knickers Set Embroidered


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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is an original early 1930s era pure silk bra with matching step-in panties which can also be called knickers or tap pants.

When done up the bottom measures 32 inches.  It has very thin straps and a cord strip at the back of the bra.  There is also a tiny mother of pearl on the left hand side at the back of the bra but I cannot see where that was meant to be attached.  It is most likely that there may have been a silk loop at some point on the corded area which is no longer there.

There are matching step-in knickers or panties made of the same beautiful woven silk fabric.

The top of the knickers measure 32 inches, these were generally worn hanging slightly below the waist level.  Hips measure 40 inches.  Keep in mind these are meant to flow over the figure so you need to be smaller.  The length of the knickers is 16 inches.   They do up on the left side with two mother of pearl buttons.

Both feature delicate hand embroidery.

Difficult to find original 1930s lingerie sets like this - great addition to a lingerie collection!