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Vintage 1930s Mens Cap French Wool Hat by Noveltex NOS General Store Large 7 3/8


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a vintage wool cap made under the “Noveltex” brand name, which I believe was a French based company.  The cap was acquired from an old Quebec general store - most of what I acquired from the store dated from the Victorian era up to the 1940s.  It’s difficult for me to date this cap precisely, but given the age of the items in the general store and the style of this hat, I’ve settled on the 1930s, although it is possible that it is earlier - I’m certain that it is not later.  The interior lining is gold stamped with “Noveltex Reg’d Brand” along with an N within a diamond.  The cardboard tag sizes it as a 7 3/8.  The hat is in excellent condition as it is old unused store stock that was well stored over the years.  It is made of a purplish blue wool with black rickrack detailing as well as with two black covered buttons on the top.  It is lined in a gold toned twill fabric and has a flap that you can bring down over the ears for extra warmth as it is lined in black rabbit fur (see close-up photo).  This is a rare cap - nice old unused piece, unique, you won’t find another like it very easily!