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Vintage 1930s Carved Bakelite Clamper Bracelet - Creamed Spinach - Chunky w Gold Accent


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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A bakelite clamper bracelet made in a “creamed spinach” colour. The bakelite is a nice deep green with a bit of yellow dispersed in it. The front, I assume, is a floral shape, featuring four petals, each edged in a finely roped gold toned metal. The petals are surrounded by carved pistil-like structures. The sides of the bracelet are slotted.

The walls are fairly thick, measuring 7mm in thickness (about 5/16”) and 2cm in height (about 13/16”). the carved flower at the front measures 3 1/4” wide by 1 1/2” high. It is on the smaller side, so please note this measurement for wrist fit - 6” around the inside.

The piece is in excellent condition with a well functioned spring loaded hinge. The bakelite demonstrates no perceptible wear as the photos should bear out.

This is an exceptional bakelite clamper, similar to an example shown in a couple of well known books about bakelite jewelry. Beautiful, and rather unique, addition to a collection!