Vintage 1930s Blue Willow Creamer & Open Sugar Bowl Alfred Meakin Old Willow


Brand Etsy

This is a semi-porcelain creamer and open sugar bowl made in the Old Willow pattern by Alfred Meakin of Tunstall, Staffordshire, England, sometimes during the 1930s. Old Willow is Meakins version of the classic Blue Willow pattern. The creamer measures 3 5/8 in height and the sugar bowl measures 4 1/2 in diameter across its top. Both pieces are in very good condition with the exception of a shallow chip to the underside of the creamer (see last close-up photo), not very noticeable In addition, there are a few surface craze lines on the creamer, very minor. These are nice additions to a collection in this pattern - the open sugar bowl does not appear to be very common.