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Vintage 1920s Tuxedo Jacket Georges Moineau La Ville d’Elbeuf France


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This is a wonderful 1920s era custom tailored tuxedo jacket that was made in France.  It is not dated, but given the design elements, I’m fairly certain that it is 20s era, although it could possibly be later.  The jacket has wide satin peaked lapels with the point of the lapel pointing upward.  It is highly structured, with large and rather solid shoulder pads and curved sleeves.  It has a single button closure and four button cuffs.  The jacket has a breast pocket and a jetted pocket at either side and is lined in black satin fabric on the body and white satin in the sleeves.  The label reads “A La Ville d’Elbeuf Tout Le Monde y Travaille”.   This is both the motto of the city of Elbeuf, which is located in Normandy, and the motto of industry in Elbeuf.  The motto was bestowed upon Elbeuf when Napoleon Bonaparte uttered it upon a visit there in 1802.  The tailor’s label reads “A La Ville d’Elbeuf 101368 I Mr Moineau Georges”.  I must admit that the label looks post-1920s, but the style of the jacket is pretty telling.  There was a famous French dramatist, Georges Courteline, who used this alternative name and died in 1929, and also a composer born in 1914 by the name of Georges Moineau - I’m sure that there are others with this name.  It should be noted that Elbeuf was a major wool producing centre with its heyday during the 19th century.

Fabric:  Wool in a tight weave, almost like a melton cloth

Sizing: No size is indicated, but it should fit a medium size, maybe a US 38 - please rely on the following measurements for fit, taking the cut of the garment and thickness of fabric into account:

Shoulders:  17” across seam-to-seam

Sleeves:  27” long

Sleeve Inseam:  20 1/2”

Chest:  41”-42” around, buttoned, taken under the arms

Waist: 36” around

Length:  30”, measured flat

Condition:  This jacket is in very good condition, with no wear, tear or staining.  

Wonderful style, this tux jacket is rather intriguing due to the unusual label - this is very structured, amazing fit!