Vintage 1920s DC Doll & Cie Stationary Horizontal Steam Engine Model 333/5


Brand Etsy

This is a vintage stationary horizontal steam engine made by Doll & Cie of Nuremberg, Germany. Doll & Cie was founded in 1898 by John Sondheim and Peter Doll. They became a global supplier of toys but were forced to sell their company at a low price in 1938 due to the Nuremberg laws of Germany during the pre-war period. This steam engine is Doll & Cies model 333/5, shown in the 1929 Doll catalog. It is fairly large, its base measuring 9 1/4 by 10 and has a height of 13 1/2 at its chimney, including the base. From a German website, here is a description of the 333 models that I believe was taken from the catalog:
Lying steam engines with oscillating cylinders. Best construction, most solid design, horizontal brass shell stained steel blue, sheet steel, rechaud (sic) in brick pressing, safety valve, steam whistle, flywheels finely nickel-plated and varnished, Chimney with high-fine lacquered brick pressing, mounted on finely lacquered sheet iron base plate.All bare parts are finely nickel-plated, screwed and can be dismantled.
This example appears to be in very good condition - I havent tried to use it as I have no idea how to do so and dont even have fuel, but from the looks of it, it should function well, but would benefit from a bit of a clean-up. There had been a little bell hanging from the lever on the tank, but this is missing - shouldn't be difficult to replace. It comes with its original fuel tank and a cup. This is a wonderful old horizontal steam engine - quality pre-war German manufacture..