Vintage 1920s Daison Pottery Torquay Kingfisher Teapot 40 oz Capacity


Brand Etsy

This is a vintage 1920s Daison pottery teapot featuring a hand painted image of a Kingfisher bird in its habitat. Kingfisher birds are natural to the Torquay area and were used by all of the local potteries. Daison was a Torquay pottery in operation only between 1926 and 1931 so it is easy to date the approximate time of manufacture. The underside is stamped Daison Art Pottery Torquay Made in England. My feeling is that this is most likely Watcombe pottery. The teapot measures about 6 in height to the top of the lids finial and 9 1/4 in length from the tip of the spout to the back of the handle - it easily accommodates 40 oz of fluid. It has a crack to the handle at the thumb rest and overall glaze crazing and, in addition, there is a low glaze spot just below the birds beak, but this is original to the manufacture of the teapot. The crazing is somewhat normal for a teapot due to it holding hot water. I would not use the teapot for its intended purpose until the crack is secured on the handle - Ive often seen pewter rings around handle cracks, but that it an old method of securing a crack.
Even if you dont use this as a teapot, it is a very pretty display piece, Larger Torquay teapots like this are difficult to come by, and Daison pottery was a short-lived maker, so this is a lovely addition to a Torquay collection..