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Victorian Black Plush Velvet Womens Coat Steampunk XS


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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From the Victorian era ca mid 1890s here is a black plush velvet coat or long jacket. It is quite simple in style except for the amazing exaggerated gigot sleeve. It fastens in an interesting manner with large hooks and eyes doing up on opposite sides and then doing up again with the velvet overlay center piece with smaller hook and eye fastenings that do up to the left only.  The lining is pure silk and quilted. There are two small inner pockets around the hip area. 

Please rely on the following measuresments for sizing as it is tiny. Bear in mind the velvet is very thick as well as the quilted lining, so you really need to measure quite a bit smaller than the measurements given below...also the arms are very narrow once you get past the huge upper puffs.  The houlder area is super narrow.  All measurements are given in inches.  Please note your own measurements would need to be smaller in order to be able to close this up.

 Bust:             34         

 Waist:            34

 Hips:              40

Shoulders:      13 from seam to seam, if you include to puff of the sleeve at the shoulder area it's 17                 inches across

Sleeve:           25

Overall Length:   36"

The velvet itself is in very good condition and the quilted silk lining is good on the major part of the coat. There is however fraying of the silk occurring at the neckline and the underarm the bottom area of the sleeves is very bad.  It is very difficult to turn this sleeve inside to take a proper photo but I can definitely say the sleeve lower lining is also in bad shape as both of the sleeve linings are torn inside.  Also some problems along the silk where the hooks and eyes are.

I would say the item could still be worn by someone very petite but you would have to take care due to sleeves especially, it is more of a study piece.

A lovely Victorian piece!