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Unused Vintage 1940s Winter Christmas Country Drapery Barkcloth Fabric 35 x 111


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a rare find - a length of 111” of 35” width unused barkcloth type drapery fabric printed with scenes of a country village during the winter with a church and horse drawn cart prominent in the scene.  I like to think that this is around Christmas time, although there is nothing to indicate that.  Please note that I’ve only shown a segment of the piece as it was too long for me to photograph it in its entirety.  The fabric is a light to medium weight barkcloth type with a woven texture - not a heavy Momie weave, but still, I believe, considered to be barkcloth.  I’ve provided some extreme close-up photos of the weave.  The pattern is printed in colours of light and dark green, mint green, red, pink, brown, dark brown, yellow, grey, dropped out white and light and dark grey.  It is in excellent condition as it has never been used and has been very well stored over these last 70 or more years.  There is still the retail store label on it that states “No claims fo rshortage will be allowed unless accompanied by this ticket”.

Vibrant colours and excellent appearance to this fabric - you could easily make two panels out of this length.  Rare and wonderful!