The South African War Book Captain AT Mahan 1st Edition 1900 Peter Fenelon Collier


Brand Etsy

This is an antique book titled The South African War by Captain A.T. Mahan. The book discusses the history of the Anglo-Boer war from the beginning of hostilities to the fall of Pretoria. It consists of 208 pages plus gold stamped green cloth bound hard cover. Besides in-depth text, there are a lot of photographs, maps, 18 full page drawings in colour by Remington, Klepper, Reuterdahl and others as well as 34 full page photographs and drawings in black and white. The book is made in oblong form and measures 17 by 11 1/2. The book has a couple of condition problems - the cover is detached from the spine and the first two pages are detached - the endleaf and the photo of the Royal Family. There is some slight wear to the gold stamping and a few light marks to the cloth cover. The interior, however, is fairly clean - maybe a bit of edge toning in places and the odd mark, but in general very good.
This is a very interesting read, especially with the accompanying photos, for anyone interested in the South African War..