The Red Fairy Book by Andrew Lang Gustaf Tenggren Illustrations 1924


Brand Etsy

This is a 1924 edition of The Red Fairy Book by Andrew Lang with illustrations by Gustaf Tenggren. The book contains 37 stories and eight full page coloured illustrations by Gustaf Tenggren. Tenggren is notable as he went on to become the chief illustrator with Walt Disney Productions for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. He also worked on Bambi and Pinocchio and went to illustrate for Little Golden Books. The illustrations in this book are reminiscent of Arthur Rackham, who was highly influential on Tenggren. The book consists of 285 pages and was published by the David McKay Company. The book is only in fair to good condition. The spine cloth is detached, but can be fairly easily repaired. Everything is present, but the title page is detached and the printed endleafs are split at the spine. There are a few scratches to the pictorial front cover. Finally, there are some spots, primarily on pages 172-179 (see last close-up photo). There may be a few other minor defects, such as a page crease, but in general the rest of the book is very good condition. The front title page is handwritten with To Fifi From Santa Claus 1925 (see photo). Despite the issues, most of which can be repaired, this is a collectible book, to be appreciated for wonderful illustrations.