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Vintage Gloverall Duffle Toggle Coat Made in England Mens Size L


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This is a duffle “toggle” coat, made in England by Gloverall. The coat is made in classic duffle coat style - Gloverall has been producing these duffle coats since the early 50s and the style has not really changed.  Duffle coats have a longer history, but the duffle coat as we know it today was popularized during WWII by Field Marshal Montgomery.  

This coat was made by Gloverall for Taylor’s, which is a Montreal based department store chain - it was probably made during the early 70s.  It is missing its main label, but the content label clearly states that it was made in England by Gloverall.  The coat has four leather and buffalo horn “toggle” closures, hence the name “toggle coat”.  It has a large patch pocket at either side, and button down belts at the cuffs.  It has a large tooth plastic vinyl zipper with an unusual stop/starter tab and double slider - you do have to get used to it., but it works fine.  It is missing its hood and its neck bar, both of which are not absolutely necessary - otherwise, the coat is complete, very clean and in very nice shape. 

Label: Superbly Tailored for Taylor’s.  Taylor’s was a Montreal based department store.  The use of the apostrophe probably dates the coat to the early 70s, as most Canadian stores dropped apostrophes in their name as a concession to English-French bilingualism.

Content label:  80% Wool / 20% Polyamide Made in England by Gloverall Ltd. Oaklands Road, London, NW2.  Gloverall moved from Oaklands Road in 1992.

Sizing: There is no size label, but this should fit a men’s size large 42/44 regular - please rely on the following measurements for fit, taking the style of the garment and the thickness of the fabric into account:

Shoulders:  20” across, from shoulder seam to shoulder seam

Sleeves:  25 1/2” long

Sleeve Inseam:  16”

Chest: 47” around, taken under the arms

Waist: 45” around

Length: 38”

Condition:  It is in very good condition with very good nappe (finish).  There is a slight bit of scuffing to the nappe at the back, but this is minor, and aside from the aforementioned missing hood and neck bar, this coat is without other defect, well stored over the years and looks like it saw very little use.  

This is a very nice quality older Gloverall duffle coat - easy to wear!