Old Vincent Bach Corp. 7C Trumpet Mouthpiece 100 grams 23mm Large Cup


Brand Etsy

This is an older Vincent Bach trumpet 7C mouthpiece that came out of the basement of a 1920s house. Most everything in the basement was old from the 20s to the 60s, so I assume that this is an old example. There is a dot after Corp - my understanding is that the dot signifies a wider bore. This mouthpiece also weighs more than a regular modern example, which normally would weigh 68 grams, whereas this one weighs 100 grams. Please check the measurements as they do not appear to be the same as a modern regular 7C - Im not a horn player, but have shown photos of the mouthpiece with a tape measure against it. It looks like it has a 23mm diameter cup whereas regular new ones are 16.2mm. The mouthpiece was quite tarnished, so I gave it a quick polish, but it would require a further cleaning. It is in very good condition - I can feel a tiny bit of scuffing on the outside edge of the lip in one area, but this is quite minor. Nice solid older example - should provide a nice full warm sound.