NOS 1960s Raleigh Robin Hood Bicycle Fenders Original Replacements Nottingham England


Brand Etsy

This is a pair of replacement bicycle fenders for a Robin Hood bicycle, made in Nottingham England. Robin Hood Cycles was acquired by Raleigh in 1906. They produced Robin Hood as an economy line and exported many of them to the US. These are original old stock, probably circa 1960. The back fender still has most of its protective crepe paper around it and is in like-new condition. The front fender, however, sustained a bit of paint damage that was caused in storage so would require a bit of touch-up - I have shown all of the affected areas in the last three close-up photos. These areas should be attended to before they peel further. Otherwise, these retain their original blue paint and Robin Hood decal. The front fender measures about 20 by 18 while the back fender measures about 29 by 18 and, together, they weigh about 2 lbs.
Wonderful to find original new old stock parts like this - unfortunate about the paint damage to the front fender, but still, great if you are restoring a vintage Robin Hood bike!