Rare 1970s Modernist Robert Larin Brutalist Necklace - Pewter Collar w Bib Pendant


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a pewter necklace or collar made in a distinctive modernist/brutalist style.  The piece is unsigned, but typical of Robert Larin - he often did not sign his work, but his work is so distinctive as to be hard to mistake for someone else’s.  Larin worked from 1968 to 1977, mostly in pewter that he would accent with electroplated silver and oxidation.  He used the “lost wax” method, unusual for pewter as it is most often reserved for more precious metals.  The piece would then be hand polished to remove any rough spots.  He employed some 25 workers at his Papineau St. workshop, located in Montreal.  

Apparently, these "collars" were made circa 1970, and not many were made as demand was greater for smaller pieces - brooches and rings etc.  Larin made these large collars as display pieces, so that customers' attention would be drawn towards the display case that contained smaller pieces that were in demand.  This necklace is made with twelve pieces that are linked together, each identical except for the two pieces that are attached to the bib pendant.  The bib pendant is cast in two pieces that are attached by metal rings.  The pendant has three small brass balls that are glued onto it.  The necklace is in very good condition with no wear or other defect except for a break in the ring on the closure, very minor, easy to replace if desired (see close-up photo).  The pendant has a height of 5 1/4” with a width of 2” at its widest.  The necklace has an inside circumference of 18”.  It weighs 5 oz.

This is a fabulous piece of brutalist jewelry.....difficult to find dramatic examples like this....