Modernist Mexican 950 Silver Necklace & Clamper Bracelet Azurite w Malachite VFG


Brand Etsy

This is a modernist Mexican 950 silver necklace and clamper bracelet, both set with azurite mixed with malachite stones. The clamper bracelet is stamped 950 Mexico TL-62, which is the number assigned to silversmith Erasmo Lopez Vasquez. The clasp on the necklace is stamped, but difficult to read - it appears to state TD-25 Mexico 950. TD-25 is unassigned in my listing but both of these pieces look to have been made by the same silversmith, which would be Lopez Vasquez - this looks like a matched set to me. The necklace measures 18 in length following its contour and weighs 89 grams or 3.15 oz. The clamper bracelet measures 7 1/8 around its interior and weighs 66 grams or 2.33 oz Both pieces are in excellent condition with no pronounced wear or defect.
This is a wonderful quality set - high grade silver, expertly cut stones and beautifully crafted. Sure to be noticed!