Mod 60s Hazel Atlas Cocktail Shaker Gay 90s Bartender w Drink Recipes


Brand Etsy

This is a mod 60s cocktail shaker made of glass and featuring printed drink recipes and a graphic of a Gay 90s bartender with 5 cent beer around its exterior. For some reason, the 1890s (Gay 90s) was a popular theme during the 1960s. This cocktail shaker was made by Hazel Atlas. The piece measures 9 5/8 in height to the top of the spout and has a capacity of 24 oz - the measurements are printed on the side of the shaker. The spout does not have a strainer. It is in very good condition with no pronounced wear, chips or cracks, but there is a slight dent to the lid, fairly minor (see last close-up photo). Fun cocktail shaker - wonderful bar display piece!