Mid Century Pottery Vase Maurice Chalvignac Quebec Canada


Brand Etsy

This is a mid century pottery vase made by Maurice Chalvignac of Quebec, a noted Canadian ceramicist. It is unsigned, but definitely a Chalvignac signature glaze. The vase is glazed in a brownish black sandy textured gloss glaze that has square and rectangular indents that are gloss drip glazed in colours of orange red, brown and blue. It features a footed shape that is bulbous in the middle and has a narrow neck with flared top. The vase is in very good condition with no noted wear, chips or cracks. It measures 9 1/2 in height and a diameter of 7 at its widest. Wonderful mid century pottery vase - Chalvignac made lamps in a similar pattern, so a good matching piece, or just great on its own for a mid century decor!