Mid Century Modern Danish Pottery HAK Covered Jar Signed Nils Kahler


Brand Etsy

This is a mid-century covered jar made by Nils Kahler of Herman A Kahler of Denmark - the piece dates to the 1960s. The underside is inscribed with the very recognizable HAK signature used by Kahler on all of their products and signed by Nils Kahler (1906-1979), who was the grandson Herman A Kahler. Kahler has a long history of making ceramic products of high quality - much of the earlier production was and is considered to be art pottery. This lidded jar in finished in brown over a red base and glazed in a striking blue colour that is detailed in black. The piece measures 5 3/8 in diameter and measures 3 3/4 to the top of the lid. It is in very good condition except for a few low glaze spots - one on the lid and about four or five on the side of the jar (see last two close-up photos). In addition, there is a black linear smear (see second to last photo) - all of this is original to the making of the piece. Finally, there is surface glaze crazing, but this is normal for this type of glazed pottery. Despite the original defects, this still displays very well. Wonderful piece for a mid century modern decor!