Mid Century Fibreglass Lamp Shade 2 Tier Green w Gold Spatter Vintage 1940s 50s


Brand Etsy

This is a mid century fibreglass lamp shade made in a 2 tier round shape. The shade is decorated with white and black splotches on a gold or topaz coloured textured background - this is probably very pretty when properly mounted on a lamp and lit. The shade measures 18 in diameter across its bottom opening, 16 in diameter across its top and has a height of 11. It is in very good condition - slightly out of round, but this in very minor, and there is a bit of unraveling of the lacing in one area both at the top and at the bottom (see close-up photos). The shade has a wire frame and would fit onto a top screw on a lamp. This is a wonderful authentic vintage lamp shade - great if you have a lamp in need.