Mid Century Beauce Quebec Pottery Vase Beauceware Model 3327 1970s Raymond Bourret Drip Glaze


Brand Etsy

This is a Beauce Quebec pottery vase made in a very attractive blended red and grey frosting-type drip glaze on a ceramic base that is glazed to simulate wood. This is Cramique de Beauce model number 3327 and dates to the 1970s. It is marked in raised lettering on the underside with the cb logo and with Beauce 3327 Canada. I believe that the form was originated by Jean Cartier and that the glaze was formulated by Raymond Bourret. The vase measures 7 1/4 in height and weighs 13.8 oz. It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks or wear - a few craze lines in the drip glaze, but this is only visible when inspecting with a magnifier.
Beauceware is not always as appreciated as it should be - wonderful mid-century design of excellent quality that fits in very well with contemporary decors.