Mid Century 1960s Italian Ceramic Statue Madonna & Child Figurine 10


Brand Etsy

This is a lovely figural statue or figurine featuring a 1960s era representation of the Madonna and Child. It is made to resemble carved wood, with the base having the appearance of a bark covered piece of bough, however it appears to be made of some sort of ceramic, perhaps plaster that is glazed. Its definitely not resin as it resonates when tapped. The underside is simply stamped Made in Italy. The piece measures 10 in height and is unusually heavy for its size, weighing 2 lbs and 12 oz. The piece is in very good condition with only slight paint wear and displays very well as is. However this is made, it features beautiful form and the Madonna has a lovely face - this is a wonderful mid-century interpretation of a classic image, a very nice display piece in the right setting!