Large Antique Staffordshire Pottery Figures Cobbler Jobson & Wife Nell 19th c 12


Brand Etsy

This is a wonderful pair of large antique Staffordshire figures depicting cobbler Jobson and his wife Nell. They are authentic 19th century pieces, probably dating to circa 1860 - there is a tiny air hole at the back of each and larger holes in the bases, not typical, but probably necessary given the size of these figures. The cobbler measures 12 3/8 in height while his wife measures 12 1/8 in height. Each weighs about 5 lbs and 7 oz. The foot of each base is glazed over, the result of the entire figure being dipped in glaze. All colours are applied overglaze. They are in very good condition with the exception of paint flaking to the cobblers apron, a small flake or two to the orange colour on his shoulder, a short hairline to the cobbler at the left side base (see photo) and a hairline to the underside of the base of Nell (see photo of undersides) - considering their age, these figures have survived wonderfully and display very well. As an added bonus, there is a very old wool yarn miniature doll affixed to the handle of Nells jug (see close-up photo). Also, note the cat under Nells stool and the dog under Jobsons stool.
Fabulous large Staffordshire figures - great in the right decor!