Large Antique Chromolitho Print Girl Holding Cat Victorian Era 16x25


Brand Etsy

This is a lovely chromolithograph print depicting a girl holding a cat, in its original wood frame under glass. This is an authentic original chromolitho - Ive included close-ups of the print, so that you can see that the print was not produced with photo based lithography, due to the absence of dots in the four primary colors of cyan, yellow, black and magenta. Chromolitho prints were very difficult to produce because each colour employed had to be printed separately. The problem was that with repeated passes in the printing press, the paper would stretch, and registration became difficult, so often there was a lot of wastage. The final result, however, is clearly superior to what is produced by photolithography, with truer, more vivid colouring and a natural blend in the colour palette of the picture.
The frame still has its original wood slat backing, an obvious sign of its age. The frame measures 16 by 25 and the open display area measures 14 by 23 1/4. The print is in very good condition with no fading - this has been very well preserved. The frame is also in very good condition.
This is a beautiful chromolitho print with very pretty colour, lovely display piece for a Victorian home, very pleasant image to admire!