Eric James Mellon Stoneware Vase Signed & Dated 1969


Brand Etsy

This is an interesting stoneware vase by British artist and ceramicist Eric James Mellon (1925-2014). Eric James Mellon was a painter, printmaker and ceramicist, particularly known for his unique ceramic work. The ash glazes that he developed starting in 1965 allowed him to draw and paint on ceramic using a wide range of oxides underglaze and then fire the ceramics to high temperatures without loss of colour or brushwork.
This vase features a painted neck and bottom in tones of green while the rest of the body is in a deep reddish brown with black tone around the upper curvature of the body. The underside is signed Eric James Mellon A/Elm Ash 1969. The technique and glaze colours are typical of his work at that time, however, vases by Mellon during this time do not seem to be common. The vase measures 5 3/4 in height with a bottom diameter of 5 3/8 - it is fairly heavy, weighing 1 lb and 14 oz. It is in excellent condition with no noted defect that is not original to the firing of the piece - there is a bit of calcification to the interior top opening, but this simply needs a bit of a cleaning.
This is a wonderful piece of art pottery by a noted British artist and ceramicist - nice addition to a collection or just as a standalone display piece!