EAPG US Glass Delaware Creamer & Sugar Reverse Cranberry Rose Stained


Brand Etsy

This is an EAPG creamer and sugar made in the Delaware pattern, aka American Beauty,Four Petal Flower and New Century. The raised pattern is ruby or cranberry stained while the background is clear with gold trim, referred to as reverse ruby stained. Normally, this pattern is finished in gold against a ruby stained background. The set is in very good condition except that the finial on the lid of the sugar bowl is chipped on the inside edge (see last close-up photo) and there is wear to the gold trim - it is completely worn off at the top of the sugar. Otherwise the staining is in very good condition with some slight wear. The creamer measures 4 in height and has a diameter of 3 1/4 while the sugar bowl has a height of 5 3/4 to the top of the lids finial and has a diameter of 4. The set weighs 1 lb and 11 oz.
Reverse ruby staining in this pattern appears to be quite hard to come by, so the light damage to the lid should be tolerated. Nice addition to a collection of EAPG!