Depression Era Elegant Glass Heisey Console Bowl Wide Flat Rim Flamingo Pink


Brand Etsy

This is a wonderful depression era elegant glass wide flat rim bowl made by Heisey Glass in the Flamingo Pink colour. The piece is engraved with petaled flowers on the rim and has the iconic star cut on the bottom with the H within a diamond mark. The piece measures 10 3/4 in diameter has an open diameter of 5 at the top - the rim has a width of 2 7/8 and the bowl has a depth of about 1 5/8. It is is in very good condition with no chips, cracks or pronounced wear, just a few scratches on the underside caused by surface contact. This is an unusual piece of Heisey as I couldnt find a similar example anywhere - should be a great addition to a Heisey collection, or just a very pretty display piece!