Danecraft Sterling Silver Pin Flower Brooch circa 1930s Canadian Mark


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a wonderful sterling silver brooch made by Danecraft.  Danecraft was founded in 1934 as an American subsidiary of an Italian jewelry manufacturer owned by the Primevera family.  This brooch is interesting because in addition to “Danecraft Sterling” being stamped on the backside, a lion head within a letter C (Canadian National Sterling mark) is also stamped on it.  Possibly, Danecraft sub-contracted or licensed the design to a Canadian maker, possibly Birks, as they often used the lion head guarantee mark, although it could have been made by any other Canadian silver maker.  I’ve found an identical piece that is stamped with the F Co mark used prior to 1945.   The piece has a cut-out and raised image of a flower with leaves and stem.  The piece measures 1 5/8” square and weighs 10.7 grams.  The piece is in very good condition - I haven’t polished it, but it should polish up beautifully should you desire a shiny silver look.  This is a nice addition to a Danecraft collection or just as a beautiful piece of jewelry to wear - wonderful form and quality!