Art Deco Christofle France America Pattern Silver Plated Coffee Spoons / 5 OClock Teaspoons Set of 12


Brand Etsy

This is a set of twelve spoons made by Christofle of France. The pattern is identified as America and is still produced, but I dont think that this particular type of spoon is still made. The pattern was designed by Luc Lanel for Christofle and was introduced in 1933. At the time, America represented modernity and this angular pattern was based on the art deco architecture prevalent in US cities.
Each spoon measures 5 in length across the top and 5 1/4 along the contour of the back - this may be what is known as the Five OClock teaspoon. The bowl appears to be a little rounder than normal teaspoons - I assume that these are meant for use with coffee. They are all in very good condition with very minimal wear that is commensurate with utensils that saw very little use and were well cared for and stored over the years. Each piece is marked with Christofle and with the Chess piece mark, which was used from 1935 until 1983.
This a beautiful quality set of spoons in wonderful condition, great additions to a collection in this pattern or just lovely spoons to use!