Art Deco Blue Rhinestone Buckle w Cloth Belt 1930s 40s


Brand Etsy

This is a fabulous art deco era belt buckle consisting of square facet cut blue glass stones set in two long white metal bars that are joined with clasps that are set with clear glass rhinestones. There are bars at the back to which one would sew the fabric of the belt, as is the case with the present belt to which the buckle is attached. I think that it dates to the 1930s, but it is possible that it dates to the early 40s. Please note that the buckle is rigid. The belt is made of purple toned cloth with a leatherette type backing.
Sizing: The buckle measures 1 1/4 in width and 4 5/8 in height. The belt measures 35 around and the snaps close at between 31 1/2 and 33
Condition: This belt buckle is in very good condition, but the cloth belt is distressed on the back side, including a tear of the backing at the snaps. The front has a few light whitish marks and a dark mark that I havent tried to remove, quite minor in any case.
This is a lovely deco era rhinestone belt buckle - either wear it with the affixed belt or attach it to a belt of your own..great addition to a collection or simply to use to decorate a dress!