Art Deco Bakelite Stationery Envelope Desk Set Letter Opener & Seal


Brand Etsy

This is a wonderful art deco era envelope desk set comprised of a letter opener and seal in its original presentation case. The handle of each is made of an old plastic, I believe bakelite, possibly catalin. The handles are in a reddish brown veined butterscotch colour. The metal parts are in brass. The seal would accommodate a seal that would be affixed to its end - there is none there now. The box measures 9 1/4 by 3 1/2 across its top and has a height of 1 3/8. It is finished in a green and black pattern cloth. The set is in very good condition with no chips or wear except for a line that migrates from the top and curls around through one side and onto the next. I assume that this is a crack, but it could be a straw mark original to the manufacture (see last two close-up photos). Also the part where the seal would be affixed is worn(see close-up photo) - the interior of the box has a bit of staining and there is a tiny wear spot to the top edge of the box.
This beautiful display piece for a desk is being sold AS IS - great for opening envelopes (if you still receive snail mail)!