Art Deco 1920s Beaded Wallet Brown Suede Leather


Brand Etsy

This is a wonderful 1920s beaded wallet featuring tiny luminescent glass beads that are glued onto suede leather. The interior is lined in a faille (fine ribbed) flesh toned fabric. The interior has side pockets - one large one to the front and two to the back, of which one holds a mirror and the other is meant to hold a lipstick. The wallet has a flapped construction - the front flap snaps shut.
Label: No label, but probably made in France
Size: 5 3/4 in width at its widest with a height of 3 5/8.
Condition: This 1920s beaded wallet is in very good condition with the exception of missing beading and discolouration to the lining on the flap due to contact with the brown suede leather. Note that the mirror has lost some silvering, caused black areas.
This wallet is quite unusual due to the glued beads, but the art deco pattern and the luminescent quality of the beads make it special, so one should tolerate any defects.
Unique piece - interesting deco age wallet!