Antique Victorian Tea Caddy Chest Repurposed Jewelry Casket


Brand Etsy

This is a wonderful antique Victorian tea caddy made in a chest form. There are no interior compartments or tin lining, so I think that this was repurposed for use as a jewelry or keepsake box. It has brass belts with decorative buckles and its original lock. There is a skeleton key, but it doesnt work well, so I might not lock the box as it could be difficult to re-open. There is a decorative strip around the base of the chest. The interior is lined in some type of wood with a blue silk cloth lining the bottom. I believe that the chest is made of walnut. The piece does have a few small problems. There is a small chip to the base at the back near one corner and a piece of the decorative strip on the base along one of the sides is missing. The silk lining at the interior bottom is stained, the top of the interior wood lining at the side is missing and there is some of the original paper missing from the underside (see close-up photos). Finally, one of the brass belts was detached from the dome top, so I re-attached it with brass nails that have a brighter appearance and larger head than the original nails, but this doesnt appear to detract from the piece. The chest measures 9 1/2 by 5 1/4 across its base and 6 in height. This is a really attractive box - despite the small problems, it displays beautifully and would be a good place to store keepsakes.