Antique Victorian Beaded Remnant from High Neck Dress


Brand Etsy

This is a remnant taken from a Victorian era dress. The remnant consists of beading on net and has a lace trimmed high neck. It measures 14 3/4 in height at the front including the collar, but excluding the lace trim. The collar measures about 17 1/2 around. This was removed from black silk, so pieces of black silk remain. Please view the photos for condition. There is one tear in the lace trim. The netting is detached in one short area from the collar, visible in one of the photos. The edging of the netting is a little uneven, and has a tear at the back, missing a small piece. But, in general, this is in very good condition, the beads are well affixed, and the piece certainly can be re-purposed. Quite spectacular.....