Antique Travelling Gem Tintype Photo Album 15 Single Mount Page Miniatures


Brand Etsy

This is a Victorian era photo album that would have been used while travelling - one could show ones relatives while visiting people. The album is made with a soft cover that folds over like a wallet, secured by a tongue in a slot. Each page holds one photo - there are 15 gem sized tintypes, each displayed within an oval opening that is surrounded by an embossed design. The display area measures 5/8 by 7/8. In addition to the 15 gem tintypes, there is one carte de visite. I didnt want to damage the page, so I didnt pull the carte de visite out, but it should give a clue as to the possible geographical origin of the album. The album measures 4 5/8 by 3 1/4 closed and has a thickness of 1. The album is in good condition with the exception of a torn piece at the top of the spine, a 1 1/4 tear along the fold of the cover and some slight edge wear (see photos). The tintypes are in very good condition except for two tintypes that have surface peeling, one of them missing some detail of the mans face (see close-up photos). A couple of others have minor surface deterioration. Despite this, this is a nice collectible gem tintype album - single page mounts appear to be less common, so a nice addition to a collection.