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Antique The Wreck of the Titanic Sheet Music A Descriptive Composition Original


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This is an original piece of sheet music titled The Wreck of the Titanic A Descriptive Composition For Piano Solo with music by William Baltzell and published by Aubrey Stauffer & Co, Grand Opera House Bldg, Chicago. The piece dates to 1912 and features a photo of Captain Edward Smith on the front along with an illustration of the Titanic hitting the iceberg, another of it listing and another of people in a lifeboat. There is vocal text along with the piano score describing the situation. The back of the piece reads In Memoriam To The Brave Musicians Who Played The Last Requiem For The Passengers Of The Titanic. The piece does have some edge tearing, one larger one in particular that travels through the photo of Captain Smith and through the back and also some wear to the top back corner - please view the close-up photo of the tear. The original owners name is written at the top right. The sheet music measures 10 1/8 by 13 1/8 and consists of six pages.
Despite the damage, this is a wonderful Titanic collectible - with a bit of restoration (or not), it will make a nice display piece.