Antique T&V Limoges Porcelain Floor Vase Art Nouveau Iris Pewter Overlay 17.75 Tall


Brand Etsy

This is a gorgeous porcelain floor vase signed T&V Limoges France. T&V is the mark used by the firm of Tressemanes & Vogt - this particular mark was used during the period of 1892 until 1907. The vase is glazed in solid black and has pewter iris flowers applied in three places around the body of the vase - you can see where the pewter was folded around the bottom of the vase (view the photo of the underside). The vase is large, measuring 17 3/4 in height and with a diameter of about 8 at its widest. It is in very good condition - the only defects are three small glass flakes around the top rim of the vase (see close-up photo) and wear to the yellow paint applied to the interior top rim (see close-up photo). There is discolouration to the interior of the vase, but this could be bleached should you wish, but I wouldnt bother. Also, the black glaze has some slight wear staining (see photo) - this is not very pronounced and should be accepted due to the age of the vase. Otherwise, no noted chips or cracks and the vase displays very well as it is.
This is a beautiful vase, impressive because of its height and gorgeous irises. Unusual to find pewter decorated Limoges porcelain - a lovely display piece!