Antique Sterling Silver Match Safe Vesta with Strike on Chain John Rose Birmingham 1919


Brand Etsy

This is an antique sterling silver match safe or vesta, used to hold matches, attached to a sterling silver chain. This match safe is stamped J R for John Rose and hallmarked with the lion (sterling silver guarantee), the anchor (Birmingham assay office) and the date letter of u, which stands for the year 1919. The lid is hinged end grants access to the interior, where you could store matches. The underside of the piece has a strike area. The chain is marked Sterling on its loop closure.
The match safe is monogrammed with the initials LGS in script. The safe, with chain, weighs 43 grams. It is in very good condition with slight surface wear, more noticeable in the photos due to the lighting, than in real life. The hinge is very strong, so the lid snaps closed tightly.
Lovely quality piece that can be used as a piece of jewelry.