Antique Staffordshire Pearlware Blue Transfer Plate Boy on a Buffalo Georgian Era


Brand Etsy

This is an antique pearlware china plate that is blue transfer printed with the Boy on a Buffalo pattern. Boy on a Buffalo was copied by Staffordshire potters from a Chinese pattern depicting philosopher Lao Tzu. Demand was high for Chinese porcelains and so in order to meet demand, the British began to produce china based on known Chinese designs. Primary amongst the British makers was Spode, but this Boy on a Buffalo pattern was so popular that it was also produced by other Staffordshire potters, including Cambrian, Davenport, John Harrison, Thomas Hawley and Thomas Wolfe. There are three stilt marks on the underside and it is unmarked, but definitely made by one of the Staffordshire potters and would date to circa 1800, George III period. There are a number of variations of this Boy on a Buffalo pattern - note that the boy on this plate does not have a full face as on other variations. The plate measures 8 1/4 in diameter. Surprisingly, there are no chips, cracks or wear to this plate, amazing that it has survived over the last 200+ years in such nice shape. I actually have four of these - price is for one. Nice deep blue colour to the pattern on this plate, lovely display piece!