Antique Scottish Character Doll German Bisque Head Highland Dress 12


Brand Etsy

This is an antique German bisque head doll dressed in traditional Scottish garb, including a tartan kilt and plaid, jacket, feather, vest, plaid boots and brooch. The head features brown hair, glass blue sleep eyes, painted eyebrows and eyelashes and painted red lips with an open mouth and four upper teeth. The back neck is simply impressed with Made in Germany. The doll has a cloth filled body with composition covered wood jointed arms and legs. It measures 12 in height and is in very good condition - the hair needs a combing and there may be a slight bald spot at the back (see last close-up photo), although this may only be a matter of hair arrangement. In addition, there is a bit of fray to the ribbon, very minor, and a bit of composition loss on the leg joint (see close-up photo). Otherwise, the doll is in very clean condition.. Given the page boy haircut and the highland dress, I assume that the doll is male, although it is not obvious.
This is a wonderful antique doll - nice addition to a doll collection and a great display piece for someone with Scottish heritage!