Antique Satin Glass Biscuit Barrel Floral Painted Cookie Jar


Brand Etsy

This is a gorgeous biscuit barrel made of clear satin glass and decorated with a painted design of flowers and leaves. The upper middle of the jar is finished in a granular pebble finish. It has a metal rim, handle and lid. The decoration includes flowers, I guess roses, grouped in three at the top and incorporated into a festoon of flower petals lower down. The lower decoration is in the form of a wreath of leaves with broader leaf stems emanating out to the sides. Inside the wreath is a group of eight floral forms consisting of a number of raised gold enamel dots. The piece measures 7 in height exclusive of the handle and the lid - the handle has a height of 3 1/2. The piece is of either British or Continental European origin as the glass does not fluoresce under UV lighting. The glass does have some thickness and weight, not thin, but not overly thick either. It is clear and has a satiny finish - difficult to see this in the photos. The lid is made of thin metal. Difficult to date precisely, but most likely circa 1910-1915. Lovely biscuit barrel - pretty display piece!