Antique Russian Silver Salt Chair Kostroma Assay Mark Maker Mark


Brand Etsy

This is a Russian silver salt box also known as a salt chair or salt throne. Salt chairs were made by eminent silversmiths and were popular during the late 19th century. They represented the Russian izba, the rural house where guests were welcomed with bread and salt. The salt chair was always placed on the table near the most important guest. This chair has a hinged flap covering the cavity where the salt would reside. This example is stamped on its underside with the ship mark of the Kostroma assay office, along with the number 84 denoting a minimum of 84 parts pure silver, and with the makers mark of - the mark dates to between 1885 and 1898. There were a number of silversmiths using this mark, but I believe that this may have been made by Artemi Vasilev Blochin, who participated in the Paris world exhibition in 1900 - I did see a similar example by him on the ASCAS (Association of Small Collectors of Antique Silver) website. Thanks go out to the gentleman on the 925-1000 website who helped me with the mark.

This salt chair measures 3 in height, 1 7/8 in width across the flap and 1 1/2 in depth. It weighs 36.2 grams. It is in very good condition with no noted defect. I have not polished the piece so an oil slick looking patina has developed on the chair back front, an indication of its age and untouched state.

This is a wonderful addition to a collection of Russian silver - lovely small display object!