Antique Royal Vienna Porcelain Plate Judgment of Paris Beehive Mark


Brand Etsy

This is an antique hand painted marked with a beehive mark in blue underglaze. This mark was originally used by the The Imperial and Royal Porcelain Manufactory and is called the Bindenschild mark. A number of people used this mark in imitation of the Royal Porcelain Manufactory aka Royal Vienna. My understanding is that the blue mark underglaze normally is indicative of an authentic piece. Ive provided a number of close-up photos, so please enlarge them in order to view supersized images. The painting is of a very high quality and is identified by hand inscription on the backside as Urteil des Pouris, which translates to Judgment of Paris. The Judgment of Paris refers to an episode of Greek mythology in which the youth Paris must judge which goddess is the most beautiful - Athena, Hera or Aphrodite. Paris picks Aphrodite, bestowing the Golden Apple to her, and, as a reward, he is granted the love of the most beautiful mortal woman, who happens to be Helen, leading to the Trojan War. The plate measures 9 in diameter across the top and 10 1/4 in diameter following the bottom contour - the plate has some depth to it. The frame measures 14 1/2" square. It is in excellent condition and was framed years ago by a Boston framing service. Note on the last photo that the plate is held in place with a gummy adhesive that peels off with your fingers, so the plate could be removed easily, if desired. You might want to replace the backing paper if you want to retain the original frame.
This is an exceptional plate - wonderful depiction featuring cupids, a dog, a peacock, Paris and three goddesses including a semi-nude Aphrodite. Gorgeous!