Antique Royal Doulton Gleaners Candlestick Old English Scenes D3191 7054


Brand Etsy

This is a hard to find old Royal Doulton series ware candlestick titled The Gleaners, part of the English Old Scenes, companion pattern to The Gipsies. It portrays a group of farm workers. The piece is stamped 7054 on the underside, indicating the shape model number, as well as with the Royal Doulton Old English Scenes Gleaners backstamp and is hand inscribed with the pattern number D3191. It measures 9 in height, 6 1/8 in diameter at the base, and weighs 3 lb and 8 oz, a substantial piece. It is in very good condition except for a small nibble type chip on the edge of the candle hole and another three glaze flake type chips to the green glaze around the top outside edge, all in the same area, and very minor. There is glaze pooling to the top of the piece with a pinkish tone in one area (see last close-up photo), but this appears to be original to the making of the piece - I viewed the area under an ultraviolet lamp and I dont see any evidence of repair. This piece displays very well!
Great addition to a Royal Doulton collection, or just a lovely display piece - this is a nice early example of this series ware in a hard to find form!