Antique Royal Doulton Ashtray Art Nouveau Stoneware Pottery 8346


Brand Etsy

This is a Royal Doulton humidor made of a stoneware type of pottery. The humidor is decorated around its body with a textured glaze consisting of leaves. The piece is stamped with the number 8346 on the underside and with the Royal Doulton lion backstamp used between 1922 and 1927. The piece measures 4 7/8 in diameter and 3 3/4 in height and is heavy for its size, weighing 1 1/2 lbs. It has a hairline in one area (see last close-up photo), but being stoneware, this doesnt affect the piece much and is difficult to see under normal viewing - you really need to inspect it to find the hairline, The hairline is much more visible in the photo than in real life and when I tap on the piece, I dont not notice any hollow sound. The piece displays very well.
Despite the hairline, this is nice addition to a Royal Doulton collection, or just a lovely display piece - this is a nice early example of Royal Doulton, displaying design aspects of Doulton Lambeth!