Antique Quebec Portneuf Pottery Rimmed Bowl Scottish Spongeware 19th c Canada


Brand Etsy

This is a very nice example of Quebec Portneuf pottery. It was originally thought that this type of pottery was made in Portneuf, located 30 miles west of Quebec City. This type of pottery was prevalent in Quebec and dates to the 19th century, but more recently, it was discovered that most of it was imported from Scotland. Still, it is very collectible and has come to be closely identified and collected as a Canadian antique. This rimmed bowl is decorated in the spongeware technique with primitive looking floral and foliate motifs in colours of red and bright green overglaze and flow blue underglaze. Note the multiple stilt marks on the underside caused during the firing of the piece. The bowl is in very good condition with only one chip on the edge of the rim (see last close-up photo) - damage is usually acceptable on these pieces due to their age and because they were originally meant for everyday use. The bowl measures 9 1/4 in diameter across its top and has a height of 1 7/8 at its slightly upturned rim. Very nice collectible bowl - great display piece for a rural Quebec/Canadian decor....