Antique Porcelain Serving Dish Imperial Crown China Austria PH Leonard Import


Brand Etsy

This is a lovely antique porcelain serving dish, probably meant to hold some sort of dipping sauce in the well at the end and the item to be dipped in the main bowl. It appears to be hand painted but may be a combination of hand painting and transfer print - I cant imagine the tiny rose festoons being totally hand done, but possibly they are. The piece is marked on the underside with Imperial Crown China Austria and with Vienna Austria. The Imperial Crown China mark was the decorating mark used by Bawo & Dotter who had a studio in Fischern, Bohemia, while the Vienna Austria crown and shield mark was the mark was used by New York importer PH Leonard. Leonard stopped operating in 1908 and the Imperial Crown China company was in business from 1883 until 1914, so this dish would date somewhere after 1883 and before 1908. The piece measures 6 1/4 by 10 3/4. It is in very good condition with no noted chips, cracks or wear. This is a beautiful quality piece in an unusual shape, not often seen - great to display or to use as a serving piece!