Antique Porcelain Bowl Roses Pattern PS Germany Theodor Lehmann Schonwald 1904


Brand Etsy

This is an antique bowl that is decorated with a rose flower design - note how the bottom rose is half-submerged under water and there is a scene in the background. The interior has a matte/satin cream background colour, with gold motifs around the rim, which is finished in a purple colour. I believe that the maker is Porzellanfabrik Schonwald of Arzberg, Germany under the directorship of Theodor Lehrmann, circa 1904. The P|S Germany backstamp is one of controversy, often attributed to Sorau or to Franz Bohme, however, the mark is documented in the book Dieter Zuhlsdorff Keramik Marken Lexikon, and, if I understand German properly, it would be attributed to Schonwald, which makes sense with the inItials PS.
The bowl measures 10 1/2 in diameter across the top and has a height of 3. It is in very good condition with no chips or cracks and only a couple of wear spots to the roses (see last two close-up photos).
This is a very attractive antique porcelain bowl - lovely display piece!