Antique Porcelain Bowl Japanese Family Transfer Image w Pink Lustre Rim


Brand Etsy

This is a rather uncommon topic for polychrome transfer ware - an image of a Japanese family or a mother and child being protected by a servant holding a parasol over them. The image is applied to the centre bottom of a serving bowl that is finished in a very attractive pink lustre around its rim. The top edge is scalloped and the interior side has raised detail. The piece has a top in diameter of 8 5/8 with a height of 2 5/8. It is in very good condition - there is an X shaped glaze impact on the bottom exterior, but it is difficult to see and certainly not seen on the interior. Despite the subject matter and being unmarked, I would think that this is of English Staffordshire origin although I cant be sure. My best guess at age would be 1910s-1920s. Interesting collectible display bowl!