Antique Nippon Porcelain Vase Hand Painted Art Deco Morimura Bros 7.25


Brand Etsy

This is an antique Nippon period Japanese porcelain vase that is beautifully hand painted and richly trimmed in gold paint. It is made in a handled form - the decoration attempts to replicate Asian enamel, ornate and striking, and not the typical floral patterns normally seen on Nippon porcelain vases. The underside of the vase is marked with the green M in wreath Nippon mark of the Morimura Bros., used as of 1911 until about 1918. The vase measures 7 1/4 in height. It is in very good condition with no chips or cracks - there is gold wear to the top rim and handles and it looks like someone tried to touch it up but didnt match gold colour well (see close-up photo). A professional should be able to do much better, but the vase still displays very well as is. There are tiny scratches to the paint on the body of the vase, only in the simulated enamel decoration, visible in the photos - I think that this is original to the making of the piece and an attempt to further create the look of enamel on metal as I cant see how else that this could have happened, especially noting the look of the yellow and white sections as opposed to the blue. There is even a strange line at the collar of the vase, but I did examine the piece with a blacklight and did not see any evidence of a repair, so I assume that this has to do with whatever technique they used to make this vase. Despite the poor paint touch-up, this is quite the lovely example of Nippon porcelain and unusual in its decoration - beautiful display piece!